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Zebra Calls

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Who would have thought the Zebra's bold black and white stripes would help them blend in? Certainly don't blend into the olivey grey green of the South African bush much. Makes them really easy to stripe, er, I mean spot. Anyway, if you're a meat eating, zebra hunting cat, you have a problem, because when you start lurking around the herd they call to each other, like donkey-call barks, and they huddle and run close together.
Because your cat eyes can see mostly in shades of grey, when them zebra stripes are all moving around in a huddle you can't spot what is a hoof and what is a head -- and then you could leap into the mellee and be pummelled to pieces by a hysterical black, white and grey fuzzy moving zebra pile. It all turns into a kaleidoscopic, eye-tricking, mind numbing, checker boarding rushes of flesh.


Yet, to some cats, it still seems worth it.

Did I mention the can of Zebra Pate I saw in the supply store in Stellenbosch? I didn't buy it. I eat Lucky Charms.

What do you think about Zebra pate?  Why do you think it causes some people to gasp?  What makes it OK to make duck and rabbit pate and not cat and dog pate?  Just curious.  I don't eat any of it.  Just wondering what you think.

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