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Today we went to Indian Canyon "where you walk in the footsepts of our ancestors". Centuries ago the Cahuilla Indians developed a complex society in the canyons near Palm Springs where there is still a generous supply of water and wildlife even today. It's a surprise in this desert dry area -- this luscios secret hideaway. It's the kind of landscape that brings to mind the words in the hymn "when I consider allthe worlds Thy hands hath made." Giant sized views with spectacular shifing lihting, rust colored rocks and palm trees growing out of an inch deep nook of soil, satisfied to thrive on so little, painfully cold-fresh springs (william stood in one and felt the cold from his toes to his scull) and plants that provide medicine, clothing, housing and art supplies.

I feel like a visitor here. Stumbling upon.a silent and sacred spot, I feel the awe of witnessing somewhere that has been important and sacred for a long, long time. But not william, this place touches him deeply, like India touched me. Here he sinks into the surrounding sand, rock and sun like a lizard that has found its home on a hot rock and sits still. We sat still on a rock, so vast and solid and silent and around us was the sound of no-people. It takes a while to take it in and after enough time I become aware of just how noisy it is inside. Hey! I am the noisiest thing here. Even the wild, frantic ants are silent. So, I sit and resolve to let the quiet touch me.

Later, we drive through the extra-wealthy suburb which hugs the base of the reserve and the scene changes dramatically to ostentatious displays of emerald green lawns, well watered and immaculate -- about as natural to this desert area as diamond studded collars are to the pets parading the Rodeo Drive of the desert: Palm Desert's El Paseo Drive. The fabulously rich shopping strip is lined with one outstanding expensive car after the other. All clean and shiny as are their owners: Clean, shiny and well put together. (Are we underdressed?) We spot merchandise we recognise from the "poorer" end of town -- here it is priced $150 higher than the already too high price for a wrought iron candle holder.

I remember the palm tree thriving in an inch of soil in the canyon. I think I want all these things in the windows, but reality is I am deeply happy with my inch of soil.

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  1. I have some glasses thats sell at Gumps for $50.. for 4.. Macy's $15.00


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