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India - "Everything conspires for my good."

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Last night's meal on board British Airways was roasted turkey with stuffing cranberries and some kind of yam-like pie. So I got to have thanksgiving dinner after all.

The next day on the way to Delhi the meal was Indian with lime relish and this morning we were served a probiotic drink along with breakfast. Interesting.

One hour in Delhi and already four attempts at swindling me. "Your flight is at ten, and there is no bus till ten you have to catch a taxi.". "It's better for you if you wait here." (So you miss the bus.). "May I have your passport?". (Er......no!) And so on.

Finally, the Delhi domestic terminal bus arrives. Oh, my God. Run down, noisy and dirty like everything else. But smiles all around. Even the man who tried to cheat me with the taxi now sweetly helps me to the correct bus.

It's curious that we outsource computer support here since the whole place is run on hand written records in ancient grubby large ledger books that are carefully studied and check since they have the power to stop anything or anyone doing what they need to.

Run down dirty and colorful.....and alive. The fast food places look delicious. I can't wait to eat my first power bar wisely taking up space in my checked baggage.

Modern boys in designer jeans among businessmen (and a few business women) in corporate gear and carrying briefcases and color, color, color.. Westerners stick out, even more, when they take on local cloth color and beads. (I want to be like them.)

There is a fuss here at the airport. Everyone is rushing to a window, leering out and loud gabbling voices compete with the seemingly constant delayed flight announcements.

It's getting wilder and louder. Where
Are all those armed soldiers now? They've vanished. What's going on? Simultaneous yelling and my heart is beating faster, and I can't hear the announcements and the rest of the folk in the waiting area are strangely untroubled by the aggression in the corner. What is happening? Now the jet noise is added and simultaneous announcements from various carriers and the smell of curry. I"m hungry.

There is a lady waving a sign. Oh thank god! It's my flight.

Next: India's southwest airlines, burning bodies and raw sewage. Oh and three bomb blasts and mosquitos. Oh and Shiva lingams and fire ceremonies and yoga. And orphans. And chanting. And the holy blessed Ganges. And aghors. And prassad.


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