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Monday, October 7, 2019

Radical Welcome, and the Habits of Highly Happy People

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Happiness, it seems, has more to do with life long habits, than it does with single events, such as winning the lottery. Habits such as helping other people, making in-person, face-to-face connections, and having deep connecting conversations are the kind of habits that lead to a life of happiness, and help us to become resilient during times of stress.

This week, Dr. Edward shares a message about being a radically welcoming community, and mimicking the habits of highly happy people.  Sustaining pledgers Ann and Kevin Hutchinson write this about our community:
"Regular Sunday morning attendance keeps us grounded and centered throughout the week. One particular workshop set my husband and me on a course of daily spiritual practice that has lasted for years and improved every aspect of our lives. The Center provides a haven for people of any—or even no—belief system, for people at any stage of spiritual growth. All are welcome at the Center; no one is judged. Lives are transformed here. The music and message are always positive and uplifting — the focus is on oneness and God as Love. The teaching reminds us we are all perfect God-beings, and that we can make a difference in the world around us."

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