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Monday, July 15, 2019

You've Got To Be Free If You Want To Be Free

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I learned in Science of Mind that whatever the current condition in my life is, there is in me the ability to shift and create something different. I have been intrigued by this idea, testing it in this situation and trying it in another. Can I, by using my creativity and imagination, change the flow of my life? I have to admit that I am sometimes baffled by how quickly life changes when I change my point of view, and also, I’m equally baffled when life seems impervious to my creative ideas for it.

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I realize now that there is such a thing is Perfect Right Timing, and although I prefer to have the changes I dream of take place immediately, sometimes there are adjustments that must take place in the world around me and in the world of my thoughts and attitudes before what I wish to see can come to pass.

Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind that “What we now experience we may cease experiencing if we have the will and imagination to set our vision in an opposite direction and hold it there.” To me, that means I ought not to give up if Perfect Right Timing does not match my idea of the right time, but to keep turning steadfastly to the vision of a greater yet to be for me, my family, my neighbors, and for all sentient beings.

Warm regards,

Edward Viljoen

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