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Monday, July 15, 2019

Moving Beyond Our Stories

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It’s easy to get stuck in a story, and when we do, that story can become the filter through which we assess everything in life. Brad Korpalski writes, “We all have challenges within our lives. I believe each one of us is born into a particular set of circumstances that becomes the foundation for ‘our story.’ This is the story of what we say to ourselves about who we are and what the world is. Through time, this story twists and turns, and becomes so thick with the moments of our lives, that we forget that it is only one story—and that another option exists: to write a completely different story.”

Science of Mind teaches that we can rewrite our life story by mindfully expanding our awareness of the endless possibilities that life has for us. It may not be easy (because so many of us prefer comfort and familiarity); however, it is possible. Ask yourself, what can I do, say, or think, today that will help me expand beyond what I currently know. You and I don’t have to know exactly what new path we ought to take; we just need to consider that there may be something larger available to us than what we currently see.

                             Edward Viljoen

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