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Monday, July 8, 2019

Creating Meaningful Conversations for a Troubled World

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The average person’s mind dashes from one opinion to the other, often lingering on the past and the future. If you took a moment to sit in a public place such as a shopping mall, watching the activities around you, you might notice that it is a bit like eavesdropping on your very own mind. In the mall you’d probably hear bits of conversations that fit into the whole range of human states of mind. 
Wanting, preferring, hating, loving, worrying, controlling, etc. If you were actually sitting in the mall, you wouldn’t do anything about the bits of conversation you pick up. You would just notice them, and probably assign them to a category such as those listed above.

If you could do the same thing with your mind, you would be practicing a type of meditation in which you observe your inner life, letting it be. You’d notice what passes through, assigning each thought to a category, but not doing much about what you witness other than experiencing it.


Edward Viljoen

Photo by Jessica Da Rosa on Unsplash

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