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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Our Highest Values

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This month we explore how consciousness works with absolute integrity. There is no way to escape from the way our highest values shape our lives by influencing what we say, think, and do. 

Where we run into difficulty is when we live out of sync with our values, holding one thing to be essential but acting in a way that contradicts that. For example, when we say Oneness is a value but turn around and demonize people who have different values from ours. Or when we say we value equality but deny that some people in our world have a real experience of inequality.

To see the video below on YouTube, click here.

In our recommended book of the month, For the Inward Journey, on page 13, Howard Thurman writes that “Commitment means that it is possible for a [person] to yield to the nerve center of [their] consent to a purpose or cause, a movement or an ideal, which may be more important to [them] than whether [they] live or die.”

As a spiritual being interested in co-creating a world that works better for everyone, what is your highest value, and what does a commitment to that value look like to you?

Our founder, Ernest Holmes, wrote, “I invite the inspiration, the illumination, and the guidance of God and gladly cooperate with them.”


Edward Viljoen

Photo by Takahiro Sakamoto on Unsplash

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