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Monday, November 5, 2018

Free From Fear and Error Thinking

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Sickness, poverty, homelessness, and unhappiness are very real experiences of human life. What causes these experiences? We may never be able to fully and satisfactorily answer this question.

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Metaphysics invites us to consider that everything that exists is a result of individual and combined use of the creative power within. Dr. Ernest Holmes writes in Living the Science of Mind, page 354, that “we do not deny that people experience what we call evil, for such a denial would be absurd and would place us in a position of saying that everything we do not like” does not exist. People actually do suffer physical and mental pains.

The goal of metaphysics is to raise the consciousness of the planet, one person at a time so that these experiences are addressed so that we help each other and learn to use the creative power within us to design a way of life that is characterized by shared resources, forgiveness, and compassion.

Dr. Holmes charges us with a bold assignment: to no longer feed our imagination with ideas that result in the pain and suffering of our fellow beings. “The origin of evil is in the human mind, and the belief in the devil, hell, purgatory, and limbo has its origin in the human mind and nowhere else. This belief must be erased from the mind. We must come to know that there can be no ultimate evil. We must have the assurance that evil will disappear from our experience in such degree as we no longer feed it with our imagination or through our acts which create situations that encourage it.”

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