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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Set Your Consciousness Free To Roam

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In August and September, we have been studying the form and feeling in a Spiritual Mind Treatment (our form of Affirmative Prayer). To conclude the series, we are turning to the creative aspect of a Spiritual Mind Treatment. Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, suggests that we don’t receive as much benefit from our Spiritual Mind Treatments if we do not permit ourselves to consider the field of greater possibilities.

To see this video on YouTube, click here.

I believe he means that we are to allow ourselves to imagine a greater-yet-to-be, and to trust the creative power of Mind to flow through us in the direction of our imagination.

The way to do this, he reminds us, is to take time daily to increase our receptivity by imagining a life that is even more blessed, more connected, and filled with more love than it may be today. “No matter how much good we experience today,” he writes, “we should expect more tomorrow.”

Holmes offers the following statement as a point of focus for this practice, suggesting that we repeat it frequently, as much as a hundred times a day, to nurture a feeling of anticipation of more good for ourselves and for our loved ones:

Good and more Good is mine. An ever-increasing Good is mine. There is no limit to the Good which is mine. Everywhere I go I see this Good, I feel It, I experience It. It crowds itself against me, flows through me, expresses Itself in me, and multiplies Itself around me.

If you would like to explore the ideas of Science of Mind further, join me each Wednesday in October at 7 pm for a free one-hour class based on Dr. Ernest Holmes’s first book, Creative Mind.

Edward Viljoen

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

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