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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Are You a Taker?

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The secret to accessing the abundance of every good thing in life is in the relationship between two specific actions, giving and receiving.  Receiving is sometimes confused with taking.  In this message we explore the relationship between giving and receiving, doing and taking.

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On page 340 of Living the Science of Mind, the anchor book we are using this year to guide our topics, Dr. Ernest Holmes writes,

“Naturally we all want what we want when we want it. One of the many criticisms made of our movement has been that it is materialistic, since those interested are striving to better themselves materially. This criticism is just the opposite of the simple but direct statement of Jesus when he said, Whatsoever things ye desire. The idea that it is wrong for us to pray for what we call material good is based on the belief that spirituality and life are separated by a gulf which can be bridged only through individual suffering, impoverishment, and misery; that we may be redeemed from all this misery in some uncertain future, but not here and now, Yet Jesus stood in the midst of the here and now and proclaimed that the Kingdom of Heaven is within and at hand.” (adapted)

I invite you to join me by including the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, and its community, in your affirmative prayers by seeing our beautiful center well supported financially, so much so that we are thriving and changing lives in Sonoma County for the good.

Many blessings,

Edward Viljoen

Photo by Thomas Griesbeck on Unsplash

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