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Monday, June 25, 2018

Your Invisible Power - A Hidden Spiritual Resource

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It has been said that humanity draws upon only a small percentage of its real spiritual capacity. Imagine that! Like an iceberg submerged beneath the surface of the ocean, your spiritual capacity lies hidden from view. Or think of your spiritual life as a tree, the roots of which are drawing upon an invisible source for nourishment and life. Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes says that “our roots are in the Mind of God. Our individuality, everything that we are and do, is an effect of our invisible forces—forces which continually draw on the Infinite. But in our ignorance, we limit the flow of Divine Power into our lives.”

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The way to use more of our invisible forces is to begin having a better opinion of ourselves, and a better self-talk habit. Nurturing an optimistic and affirmative inner dialogue is one of the quickest ways I know of to release more of what our spiritual force can achieve.

Dr. Holmes adds, as a gentle warning, “And there is one more thing we certainly should not forget to add: The higher forces of life always work constructively. When we use them constructively, there seems no limit to their possibility. But the moment we begin to use them destructively, they appear to block themselves.”

How are you using your mind to access and channel your invisible forces?

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Dr. Edward Viljoen, the author of The Power of Meditation, speaks at The Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Photo by Graham Hunt on Unsplash

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