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Monday, June 18, 2018

What's Your Normal? Video with Edward Viljoen

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What is the Law of Mental Equivalents? Basically (and the whole matter is anything but basic) it means that everything in our thinking, whether we are aware of it or not, radiates an atmosphere which attracts that which is like itself. To state it in simpler terms, think of the common adage, “Misery loves its own company.” It describes how miserable people seek to be in the company of other miserable people in whose company they feel normal. That’s a key word when understanding the Law of Mental Equivalents: “normal.”

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Think of a Mental Equivalent as your “normal.” If it is normal for you to be miserable, that’s your Mental Equivalent, and it attracts company in which you can feel normal and at ease. If it is normal for you to be optimistic, that’s your Mental Equivalent, and it attracts company in which you feel at ease. Using the Law of mental Equivalents, then, becomes an exercise in deciding what you want to be your “normal” so that it can begin attracting circumstances in which we feel at ease!

What would you like your “normal” to be? Get a clear idea, and using your beautiful imagination, see yourself as the person who lives in that kind of world.

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