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Monday, June 11, 2018

Video: Don't Define Your Future By Your Past

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Thomas Troward, one of the most influential New Thought influences on our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, wrote that we should not restrict our expectations of the future, because the Creative Principle of Mind is not limited by anything that has gone before. In other words, when you hear yourself saying silently in your mind “I’ve already tried that,” or “I’ve never been able to before,” try to interrupt yourself. Boldly announce the maxim “Principle is not bound by Precedent” as a way of reminding yourself that to the Power that creates all, newness is natural! Another way of stating it is that the past is not always the best guide for present action.

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This week, watch your thinking when it comes to the way things have always been, to see if you have fallen into accepting a fate dictated by other people’s past actions and choices. Also, watch for where you have accepted the voice of authority without question, and ask yourself, “What if it isn’t so?”

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