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Monday, March 5, 2018

Video: Who Am I Really? Your Personal Self, with Dr. Edward Viljoen

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The life within you is God. This radical statement from Science of Mind reminds us that it’s not enough to say life within me is divine. If I accept the Universal Principal of Oneness, I accept also that there is no place where I can be separate from divinity. So, it follows that the life within me is the Thing Itself, the immortal, eternal source of all that is. 
To view the video on YouTube, click here.
This month’s theme is “You Are Rooted in the Divine.” Personalize that idea by saying to yourself regularly, ”I am rooted in the Divine. The God-Principle within me is truth, beauty, harmony, and wholeness.”
Dr. Ernest Holmes writes, “Most certainly God is personal to everyone, and the wonderful thing is that each represents God in a unique way. Each individualizes God, and no two individualizations are identical. Thus, the Personality of God is not only real to us, but It is uniquely real.”
I look forward to exploring the ways God shows up as you.
                        Warmly,  Edward Viljoen

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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