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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Manifest Universe Is The Body Of God, With Edward Viljoen

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There is a well-known phrase that comes directly from our statement of beliefs: We believe that the manifest universe is the body of God.  It is so freeing to realize that we are already home in the heart of the Creator.  It is so wonderful to understand that here and now is where we belong and that will be the case eternally.  It is humbling to realize that in this life and the next—and the previous, for that matter—we will continue to have the power to create heaven or hell with the power of our mind.

Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind, on page 594.2 that “It is necessary that Spirit should manifest in some kind of form, in order that It may come into Self-expression through Self-realization.  This is the meaning of that Creation which is eternally going on.  Form is always effect . . . never cause. . . .”  This is a reminder that although reality is very real and solid and must be treated with respect and maturity, at the same time creative mind in us has the ability to transform, evolve and create things anew.

Join me in affirming this week: 

I know that each life, being, and all of creation is the joyous expression of Universal Spirit! I delight in Creation.  I enjoy Creation. I honor Creation. I care for all living Beings and expressions of Life!  

 Every week I invite you to join me with this process of affirming an idea and posting it on the social media of your choice.  If you have done so, I would love to hear from you about the results.  You can email me at edward@cslsr.org.  I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I have your wonderful book, The Power of Meditation, close to my bedside table. I enjoy the wisdom and the many helpful suggestions you offer in it.
    I had the pleasure of taking a workshop you presented at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta in 2016. You read aloud a magnificent piece from the last chapter of Og Mandino's book, Memorandum from God, that you had tweaked in your own magical way. It is your version that I wish to locate. Would you please share where to find it?
    Thank you and Blessings!

    1. Dear Joy, nice to hear from you. I'm sorry I took a while to respond, I was traveling. I know exactly what you are referring to. Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy. What I did was go through the memorandum, which is easy to find, and highlighted phrases that resonated with me so that the text could be used for a meditation. In its original form it is quite long. I'm sorry I can't help you more than that. But some good news is that my second book is getting close to publication and I'm hoping you will enjoy it as much. It is called Ordinary Goodness and is available for pre order. Quite exciting. Much love. Edward


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