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Monday, April 11, 2016

A Personal Experience of the Divine with Edward Viljoen

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Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote, “Spirit is at the center of each one of us.  To It we may come for guidance, and from It we may draw both inspiration and the power to live, stand, walk, or sit.  From the Upanishads, we read: ‘The Silent One, the Knower, ever resting in us, may walk, stand, sit, lie down and do anything at his sweet will.” (page 114, Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes)

Science of Mind teaches that happiness is a result of being in right relationship to the Indwelling Presence at our center.

Join me in affirming this week, “The Indwelling Presence is alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic within me now.  I live my life in the promise of the peace that It brings me and into the lives of those around me!”

I invite you to post this affirmation on the social media of your choice and tag it with the tags #TheGlobalVision and #AWorldThatWorksForEveryone

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