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'Tis the season to share, on social media too! You Can Change Other People's Opinions

Share it Please
Greetings of the season to you!

I was watching a social media expert talk about how his company pays attention to the way people function in the e-world.  He said that his company is not so interested in what people click on or “like” as it is interested in what people share with their friends.  Most likely that is because the power of word-of-mouth has long been known to be more effective than advertising or any other kind of information distribution.  Indeed, in this world of increasing advertising, we the information consumers seem to be more and more likely to appreciate, listen to and consider the advice, opinion and recommendation of a friend or colleague over what an advertisement is trying to convey.  We apparently will change our position on whether or not to see a movie based on the favorable or unfavorable opinion of a friend even if we long ago decided not to see it.  We can change other people's opinions!

Understanding Your Power

For this reason, it is important to know the difference between “liking” something and “sharing” something in the world of social media if you want to understand the power you personally have to raise and redirect attention.  I heard someone comparing “liking” a post on Facebook as being similar to giving a “thumbs up” gesture of approval, which is as good as it is for as long as people are noticing you did it.  Whereas, sharing something is more like repeating the information in the style of “have you heard about….,” effectively increasing the shelf life of the news you are sharing. 

One Small Weekly Investment of Your Time

I encourage users of Social Media who want to make a beneficial contribution to an organization in the form of raising awareness of its programs and services to do one small action a week: choose something from that organization’s website or Facebook page and share it.  In other words, copy the url of the item from the organizations webpage and paste it on your own timeline with a comment.  Or, click the “share” button on the Facebook post you are interested in helping, and you will have the option to share it on your own personal timeline with a comment.  That such a small investment in time and energy can produce such an increase in awareness is a wonderful thing to me and helps me remember not to take for granted what power is in the hands of the end users.  That’s us! 

'Tis the Season, After All

It is after all the season for sharing, so get to it!  Share share share, and in so doing shape the awareness of your world.

Oh, do be careful though, there is such a thing as being an oversharer.  And as with many other things in life, too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect.  Persistent sharing of information in social media or anywhere else has the tendency to turn your e-voice into something irritating and people will likely listen to it less and less.

Happy Return of The Light Time

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