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The Power of Meditation. Practice, practice, practice

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The medieval Spanish, Jewish philosopher Maimonides wrote about the effect of regular sustained practice saying that beneficial habits are not created by doing one single good action but rather by sustained practice, repeating a good action over and over again.  He used the illustration of giving a single gift of $1,000 to one charity as compared to giving $1 to 1,000 different charities.  One thousand actions of charity establishes a habit of generosity, or an attitude of sharing that a single act may not always achieve.  By repeating something, such as giving, or meditation, overtime we create patterns which in turn create momentum, momentum which is difficult to create and sustain with one, or sporadic acts of generosity.

“Meditation requires practice, and with a schedule of regular sitting you will develop momentum and that momentum will take you beyond what this or any other book can impart to you.”

The Power of Meditation

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