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SpiritualLiving App: It’s What Is Happening Next

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Rev. David Alexander's Presentation

(General notes - not exact transcription)

I love technology and I love what it can do for our ministry. I want to use it to enhance what we do. I think it is a powerful demonstration of the One Mind. We need to find a way to use it innovatively. I love my smart phone. There are 5 billion. 1 billion are smart phones. It took 13 years to get to the 1 billion mark. It will take 3 years to get to 3 billion. 1 million are sold a day in the US - -50 % of data consumed is being consumed by mobile devices. We are going to our mobile devices more than we are going to our laptops. 75% of the smart phones market is iPhone and Android. We text, browse, email, play games, social network…. Phone calls are nowhere on the list.

50/43% users are under the age 34. How can we get into that? I’ve been asking this for years. How can I get my Center into a smart phone app. It’s very expensive to create your own app. Companies that do it for you are expensive too. It’s cost prohibitive. It’s a closed network, even an amazing app, the only people who know about it are the people already in my Center. It’s not effective marking as a tool.

Cultural Creatives are part of the market that we are seeking to attract, not the exclusive market, but a big pat of of the growing market we are seeking to attract. More importantly is that there are two key dimension
of values that are important to them green and social responsibility and spiritual development is important.
They are actively looking for resources that support their values. Our Centers are a perfect match but they do not know that we exist. 80 million people that are potentially interested but who don’t know that we exist.

So, what if what was next for CSL was something that wasn’t about advertising us, but providing people access to the resources for which they are already looking. We have been working on something and it’s really very cool. Spiritual Living Resouces living app sponsored by CSL.

It is really really cool.

It is the answer to the question where can I find …….? The app in essence is about connecting you to your whole self.

Available on iPhone and android. It provides a searchable resource set in categories related to body, mind and spirit and interfaces with existing social network products. It includes a quick link to connect the user to a directory listing of all Centers for Spiritual Living. We are still working on some of the design concepts but the Centers listing will have everything from contacts, to online sermons, it is an interactive experience for your community.

Now you can say “There’s an app for that” when someone asks how to connect with Centers for Spiritual living.

All of this available for any Center for $7.99 per month. This is the best marketing money you’ll ever set.
Things that must happen:

1. Sign up today:   App.csl.org

2. Share with your network.  Tell everyone.

There will be a free trial between March and September. We want everyone to sign up and try it.
The SpiritualLiving app, connecting you to your whole self.
It is what is happening next.

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