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The Science of Mind and Spirit For Beginners

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Ernest Holmes’ classic work The Science of Mind is the reference book for most classes taught at Centers for Spiritual Living, and frankly, it’s not that easy to read.  When people find the Center, often they ask about a good book to read to learn more about the teaching studied at the Center and I find myself hesitating to recommend this text.  In part, it’s because the book was written so long ago in a style that, compared to contemporary texts, is difficult to take in. Also, the text, I am told, consists of compilations of talk Ernest Holmes gave and as a result the chapters don’t fully stick to the subjects suggested by the titles.
So I set about writing a beginner’s guide, reducing complex sentences into manageable ideas.  I built a class around the text The Science of Mind and Spirit for Beginners: Four Chapters in Simplified Prose.  Although you can purchase the eBook from the link above, the text is contained in the
student handbook for the class with fill in the blank exercises completed in class.  The eBook costs 99c, which is the lowest price allowed for Kindle books on Amazon.
The five week class, which begins on May 15 and continues through June 12, is a great introduction to this classic work for beginners and I believe it will also be an entertaining refresher for those familiar with Ernest Holmes’ writings.
There are no required texts for the class, although students will be invited to read each of the four chapters in the original text at the same time as the paraphrased version.
We’ll take time to explore the sources Ernest Holmes refers to (often he doesn’t attribute his material, making it fun treasure hunt) and talk about the major themes present in these first four chapters.
For more information about the class schedule at the Center you can click here.

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Science of Mind and Spirit For Begnners

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