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On a day off like today, I look through my non work related emails to catch up with what is going on in our community and I have to say, what an abundance of fine and fantastic things we produce. I captured some and presented it below, and I know I’m missing things that slip by. A fellow can only absorb so much! Grin. I love hearing from our community and I love knowing what you’re up to and I love being able to share what is going on. I don’t always get the chance to, but today, I’m caught up with work, and I’m reveling in the creativity of our community.


Who knew that one of our favorite drummers, Sahar, is also a talented landscaper? His site says: It is a great joy to assist my clients in creating a garden that meets their needs, functionally and esthetically. Whether you are looking to create a drought tolerant garden or a tranquil paradise, I would be delighted to discuss your needs to determine if I can be of help.



Melissa Phillippe

Melissa is well known to us as a eagerly anticipated substitute musician when our director, Chris Fritzsche has a week off. She does a fine, fine job and has a whole other world too. Here is what her site says: I am currently accepting 3 new Transformation Coaching clients.

Are you one of them? Receive a 10% DISCOUNT if you start before March 1! Sessions are in person, by phone or by Skype.


Valerie Marshall

Greetings! Many of you will know who I'm talking about when I mention the glorious 'cello playing at our Christmas Candle Lighting Ceremony. That is Valerie Marshall and she is playing in two concerts at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Both are fund raisers for the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. The first is on February 18 at 7:30 pm. Details below. I love sharing what members of our community are doing to help spread the good.

An Intimate Evening of Glorious Chamber Music

Saturday, February 18, 7:30pm, sliding scale $15- $20
Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 6780 Depot Street, 95472

William Abel

Many of you know William as the one who decorates our Center stage and some through the yoga classes he provides at the Center. He does not have access to Facebook at the moment so he asked me to let you know about a tour he is leading to Bali in March for 10 days. The tour company has just dramatically reduced the price of the tour to the ridiculously low price of $1898 (not including air fare.)

William has been many times to Bali with me and knows his way around Bali as well as I do and he will be accompanied by expert tour director Jim Omi Cramer.

William is passionate about yoga, creating spiritual experiences for people and loves shopping, er.. I mean meditating and praying. Here is a link to his blog where you can also read about the Balinese New Year celebration which is taking place while he is in Bali with the tour: http://yogawithwill.blogspot.com/

He is the man who schlepped the amazing Ganesha statute in our lobby back to the USA as well as the two standing Buddha statues gracing our stage this month.

You can contact the tour company directly at: jim@baliadvisor.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and you can see the itinerary at http://www.spirit-tour.com/itinerary/bali-2012-NYEIPI-TOUR.pdf

Although the tour is taking place during my Sabbatical and I wont be leading it, I’m thinking of tagging along secretly because of the very low price – I’ll be the one not doing yoga in the morning, and sleeping in and reading books at the pool. Grin. Maybe. I'm seriously thinking about it.

Sanna Rose

Sanna is the one who keeps the front page of our website up to date with awesome text and photos. She collaborates with Allan Yeager and Georgett Eggel to keep us up to speed. She also wrote and published her first e-book:
Editorial Reviews

The New Thought writers at the turn of the 20th century were predominantly women, and were students of the well known founder of the New Thought religious movement, Emma Curtis Hopkins. The New Thought Movement in its beginnings was a women’s movement. These women writers were Voices of the Angels heralding in a new era, active and supportive of the Suffragettes, the abolition of slavery, and social changes that included humane child labor laws. Their writings are relevant to today, and are an inspiration to women and men alike.

This New Thought Reader creates a literary home for nine, very well known and respected New Thought women leaders of the times who were writers, teachers, and healers. Elizabeth Towne, Fannie James, Nona Brooks, Malinda Cramer, Annie Rix Militz, Dr. Emilie Cady, Ursula Gestefeld, Florence Scovel Shinn, and the New Thought poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox are represented herein.


Gene Russo

Gene Russo, is the former artistic program director and cofounder of Connecting Through Dance, a local nonprofit organization, bringing dance to the Blind and Visually Impaired community. Gene has over 45 years of teaching experience and a reputation for getting student dancing well, in a very short time. He has been a Bay Area resident since 1989. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gene began dancing at age seven with tap, jazz and ballet, often performing for community nursing homes, veterans’ hospitals and lodge groups. He taught at the Arthur Murray Dance Studios, moved into competitive ballroom dancing studying in England, and then had his own studio in Philadelphia where he developed his first dance program for the visually impaired. Gene’s goal is to teach his students to enjoy dancing well, as a celebration of partnership.

Steve Easterling

Steve sang in our Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Ceremony and is one of those Men who is devoted to our ManSpirit Community. Here’s what I found online about Steve, he has that deep advertisement voice thing going on: Steve's career in Radio and Television and Motion Pictures has put him on the air in the USA and Canada. Steve Easterling's strong, clear baritone voice was perfect for radio broadcasting! Steve went "On The Air" as a radio DJ right out of high school, went on to TV as an On-Camera Spokesman and Program Host. Steve's engaging personality has made him a popular choice to Emcee many social and business events.

Patrick Ball

OK, I know this one isn’t a member of our community, but oh my goodness, what a treasure. Anyway, the connection is to the Occidental Center for the Arts. Daniel Celidore from our Center and our own Chris Fritzsche have been involved in supporting, performing and fundraising for the Center, so I proudly present to you one of my harping heros, Patrick Ball. Jim Strand was the first person to introduce me to Patrick’s music and I’m glad he did.
Saturday, March 17, 2012 at 8 pm
OCA proudly presents PATRICK BALL:

Celebrate ST. PATRICK’S DAY with unforgettable music and spoken word. Modern day bard and premier Celtic harpist, Patrick Ball weaves marvellous old Irish tales of wit and enchantment together with ethereally gorgeous harp melodies into a warm and magical performance that will leave you spellbound.

$15 General. Wine, beer, pub grub for sale
For information: 874-9392

Christine McCaull

Some will know Christine from the choir, and I think very few know how active she has been behind the scenes in maintaining and developing our own www.cslsr.org website. From her latest venture I found this:

Speaking a Love Language People Can Hear

We are here to promote more love in ourselves and in the world, to increase happiness and to develop skills for better living. Together, we are building a community to support each other unconditionally in growing into more conscious humans. A meeting includes dinner, a talk, discussion, music & meditation- sometimes, we have special events.

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