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What’s On My iPhone? Amazon Kindle for iPhone with Whispersync

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This has to be one of my favorite apps.  Here you can see it in a folder titled “Books” along with other readers such as eReader and Stanza and iBooks.  But Amazon Kindle for iPhone with Whispersync is the one I end up using the most. I have some problems though, IT WONT LET ME COPY TEXT  and past into a message or note.  Am I doing something wrong?  I’ll study harder.


IMG_2995But what I do love about it is that when I start it up and open a book, it checks online to find out if I am reading that book on any other Kindle device, my iPad, PC, or if I had a Kindle, on that… and then it lets me know where the furthest point read is on any device, giving me the option to go to that point.  So if I was catching up some reading of Ernest Holmes in the supermarket while waiting in line with my iPhone in hand, later that night on the couch with my iPad I wouldn’t have to try remember where I got up to.

IMG_2997I love the ease of viewing and flexibility and this picture is from my tiny iPhone screen and I can read it plenty well.


This feature is great:  instant look up!  I can’t see immediately what a word means.  This helps a lot when reading through fast-paced science fiction or amazingly interesting books that and I don’t want to interrupt the read to find the dictionary.  Now I have no excuse for not knowing what a word means.

Here’s Amazon’s help page for Kindle on your iPhone

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