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Cycling In Sonoma County For A Good Cause

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Sonoma County in northern California is home to some of the most incredibly beautiful cycling routes through vineyards, redwoods, and breathtaking views of oak lined valleys or orchards. Visitors from all over come to see the natural beauty of Sonoma County and many of those visitors come specifically to cycle because there is such a variety of options for cyclists.  You can have a leisurely, slow route with little challenge, or you can have a rigorous and exhilarating adventure.

For A Good Cause?

And now there is the added opportunity for cycling in Sonoma County for a good cause.
The good cause, you might guess from the name of this new annual cycling event, has something to do with law enforcement and first responder personnel.  

Tour de Fuzz came into being to support the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Service in Sonoma County, an organization whose mission is to “respond to requests from law enforcement and provide immediate emotional support and follow up care to them and to the members of our community who have suffered tragedy and loss. We are an interfaith community of compassionate volunteers without religious, political, or legal agendas.”

Last year, the Tour de Fuzz was a great success both because of the tremendous fun participants had, but also because of the funds raised for the Chaplaincy Service.   

What Makes This Event Different?

At the end of the ride there is a meal and festivities, appropriate for the whole family.  Non riding guest can also participate in the fun and fund raising by purchasing a meal ticket which gives them access to the law enforcement demonstrations that are annually part of the event.  Last year we had the bomb squad and canine team.   Every year there is something interesting and inspiring to watch, and we’ve noticed that our younger non riding guest love the event and their entrance is about half price.

September 10, 2011

You’re invited to join us for a memorable bike ride at Ursuline High School in Santa Rosa.  You can select 100 miles, 100k or 50k and all proceeds from the event go to the LawEnforcement Chaplaincy in Sonoma County.

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