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What's on my iPhone: Toodledo Productivity App

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It's true, I love using my iPhone for creativity, photography and staying on top of my social media accounts to keep me up to date with what is going on in my community, and....and I actually really truly do use it also for legitimate business related productivity.  I want to report this so that when the next iPhone comes out (iPhone 5 should be called something else don't you think?) I'll feel justified in buying it.  

So here's a real helper of an app, Toodledo, available also as a desktop application on the web.  It is a task list manager which is easy to look at and easy to use.  I like that I can add notes
to tasks, organize them in folders, add due dates and set reminders.  I just grab my iPhone when I'm at meetings and I spot a action item for myself, add a task and its done.

It synchronizes with the free web application so that you can access your tasks from anywhere.  I don't have super sensitive tasks on my lists to worry me about confidentiality so it works great for me.

When I open the app, a friendly page lets me know right away how many tasks are overdue.  Sigh!  Just 13 today?  And the Next 30 days prompts me to get a move on and handle some of these chores piling up.

When I expand the menu, I can easily check a task if it is done and that's it.   Now may I please have the new iPhone when it arrives?

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