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The Power of Meditation: Finding Peace Within Yourself - It Will Help You Sleep

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Going to sleep with a mind racing and worrying is not easy to do. Friends and family members have reported to me that sometimes when they lay themselves down to sleep that precisely when they notice just how little peace they have within. Finding peace within yourself, I tell them, is a sure way to help yourself have satisfying sleep.

I am confident telling them this because I have as busy a mind as the next person and as many troubling details to keep up with as anyone; and yet I have learned how to slow things down at night to a more humane mental pace. With my thoughts slowed down, I can find an internal peace that has everything to do with the quality of sleep I frequently enjoy. For me, the key is
to give my mind something to do that is pleasurable and that distracts it from the business of the day I just had.

Give your mind something to do

Sometimes I start this exercise on the way to bed while brushing my teeth for example, especially if I have encountered many people in the day. Sometimes I start it when my head is on the pillow and the lights are out. You decide what pace is right for you. The method is simple. Close your eyes and call to mind the very last person you encountered. If you can imagine their face, that's good. But don't stress out if you have difficulty seeing images with your eyes closed. Simply remembering them is good enough. Depending on your living circumstances, you can do this next part out loud or silently in your mind. Say the person's name followed by something like this "[name], I bless you, I release you, I set you free from all expectations."

I can't remember who first gave me that powerful sentence, or where I read it, but I have been using it for years and years to find peace within myself just before sleep. It really helps. After I have said the sentence out loud or in my mind about the last person I remember encountering, I go to the person just before that, and so on, moving backwards in time through the people from my day.

I can hardly ever make it through more than a handful of people before I'm asleep with sort of smile that someone has who knows a secret. Even if I had an unpleasant experience with someone, I find that saying the sentence as simply and authentically as possible allows me to unhook from the stress of the day and access a feeling of freedom that helps me sleep.
Finding inner peace and having a spiritual practice doesn't have to be something elaborate or other worldly. Regular people like you and me can introduce simple practices into our lives like the one I shared above to start experiencing life in a whole new way. Peace is not something you create; it's something you and I discover was always there beneath the turmoil.

You want a meditation practice?

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  1. I love your suggestion, Edward, and I will try it. Earlier this year Real Simple magazine asked "How to Get a Good Night's Sleep," and my response appears on the second page. Hint: It involves gratitude.


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