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San Diego Integration Update

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Opening Ceremony

Dr. Kathy Hearn opened the evening with "What a good story we are living," and reminded us that it was in 1954 when what was one movement became two. Then over the next 57 years, she reminded us, the two developed along perfect individual lines and two successful organizations emerged. She talked about the inevitable question that would arise when teaching classes "Why are there two organizations," and how Ernest Holmes seeded this moment in the past when he wrote that letter saying in the end common sense would prevail and we would come together.

She refered to his statement of belief which says the world has learned as much as it could through suffering and said personally, she believes we have learned as much as we can through separation. Dr. Ken Gordon said that he never dreamed that this day would come, or more accurately he never dreamed that he would be the one standing before us to present this moment. Kathy Hearn said that she realized that we are not doing this for ourselves but for what we will become.

Dr. Kathy and Dr. Ken also addressed--in a direct and transparent way--something that had come up, the issue of diversity. It was brought to the committee's attention that there were only white faces on the program and only white speakers. Dr. Kathy explained that the committee had been balancing other diversities, that of male, female, International Centers and United Centers, gay and straight, and color was forgotten. Dr. Kathy acknowledged that it didn't feel so good to people of color in our movement and thanked everyone who contacted the committee to bring this matter into awareness. The committee went into action quickly and effecttively to make adjustments to the program that Dr. Kathy said "was an over site on our part."

If you are a facebook user there are images of the potter ceremony on my profile. Let me know if you need details.

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