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Facebook Shortcuts

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I love applications that are intuitive to use because I’m not a fan of reading user manuals and help files.  So when I log on to Facebook, I take a deep breath because I know I’m about to land in a chaotic, anything-but-intuitive environment.  I love that it allows me to connect with people interested in our Center’s work and programs, but I don’t enjoy how information is seemingly chaotically splashed across everywhere.  I’m guessing it’s on purpose to keep users on the site longer.  It just takes that long to find anything.

Recent changes to display methods seem to have made it even more challenging to understand what is going on.  I have to keep my focus, keep breathing, log on and do what I intended to do and ignore the rest.  It’s a bit like an obstacle course with barbed wire elements ready to snare and keep you.  Paranoid?   Praps.

I read a guide recently to using keyboard combinations to quickly access Facebook features and it’s been a help.  Using the Alt key plus numbers 1 through 0 you can access Facebook’s homepage, your profile, friend requests, messages, notifications, search, compose a new message, and so on.  Try it out, Alt plus a number.  If you’re on Firefox, add shift

Most important of all – get off of Facebook as quickly as possible and get outside, whether it’s cold, raining, hot or humid. 

Do what ever you can to see a real live human being eye to eye. 

It’s always better than alt-shift-anything.

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