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Thank you and the musicians and everyone else who contributed to making this morning's service possible.  I have been to the first Wednesday services and have been thinking how nice it would be for everyone to experience that format.  So I was thrilled this morning.  I find that the music and prayer open things up on the inside in a very wonderous way.  Thank you, and I hope you are enjoying your vacation as much as I am.
I attended today and it was GREAT!! Oh my!! The music was indeed amazing! It was so diverse and had different styles and the musicians were great, and the feeling that I left with was great... and you were great.. and it all just wassssssssssssssssss supposed to be.....
Today's service was magnificent. I got lost in it. Never had I experienced such stillness. On the way to the Center, I was already feeling very much part of "all", but after the service I didn't want to leave. I felt that the room could truly be called a sanctuary. Because of an eye infection I was wearing dark glasses. I usually keep my eyes closed, but I might bring my dark glasses again just to deepen the (whatever it was!) Afterward, I felt a little sorry for everyone who had to work for so many hours to create this beautiful experience for the rest of us. But then again, you were all participating in a sacred ceremony and might have been, in your own way, as deeply "in" as we were. This was not a performance to be applauded. Thank you for pointing it out to us. I am looking forward to more.
Thank you for today. It was truly a special experience and I soooo needed it.
Edwardo,  the music, your readings, the whole enchilada, was FAB!  I came away moved and inspired.  Still am – amazing!  And your ‘reading voice’ is so seductive – there was no way I couldn’t listen!  Ditto your voice too, Chris [stated the thousandth time; hope you can still ‘hear’ this from me….]. Much appreciation and love to you both, as usual!
I just had to express my gratitude and appreciation for the exquisite service this morning. It was a truly divine experience for me (I'm pulling out the superlatives on this one) It's after 5 pm and I'm still feeling the effects of being bathed in pure love. Bravo to you and Chris and all the musicians. I so look forward to purchasing the CD so that I can recreate the experience in new forms. I feel so blessed to be a part of our spiritual community.
Wonderful service this morning ~ Gratitude to all that made it possible!
And todays service was perfect! I had my eyes closed and enjoyed the different experience of not watching. I heard everything so clearly. ox
I loved today's service....it was exactly what I needed!
You promised something special. And so I came, as well as others. Special it was and so it is. I am still reflecting on my own energy and amazement. Thank you everyone who participated in making this service so special.
How did you know your service was exactly what I asked for?

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  1. There is nothing that I could add to these quotes other than... Amen, Amen, Amen! It was soul-soothing. Thank you, Edward et al. Sue Adams


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