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I Am An Outlet For God

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Most of us have been taught to believe in a distant deity who
rewards the good and punishes the bad. But that brand of God
was invented by fearful, primitive minds. As our understanding
of the universe grows, we become aware that all of life was created
by one infinite mind. This is the mind of God. It is the
Creator of all life and the sustainer of Its own creation.

God created you specifically as an outlet for Its own expression.
You are here to glorify and manifest your good. As you
become more fulfilled in life, more prosperous and loving, God
becomes more expressed through you.

Give up your old beliefs of suffering and lack. God is not
pleased by your suffering. God has no special favor for the poor.
Only the rich can help the poor, and only the loving can help
the unloved. Make it your goal to fully express God and live a
prosperous life.


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  1. Eeeek...I just glanced at your twitter post and where are the vowels???? I resist the abortion of vowels!! How can folks do this? And when I read it I totally read it just fine. Oh, the beauty of vowels. a uo ea i iou ooa ? (Can you read this without consonants?) Language evolves without me in this regard...(meek smile..)


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