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Prayer of Acceptance

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There is only one life. That life is God’s Life. God’s life is eternal. It was never born, and there was never a time before it existed. It is ceaseless reality containing within itself all being, past, present and future.

I exist within God’s eternal life. My own living is a function of God’s life expressing itself. All the cycles of my life exist within God’s eternal being. None of my experiences are ever lost or wasted because they all exist eternally in God’s endless past-present-future.

I live my life with my focus on my business. I bring my attention to the care and nurturing of myself and through this focus I experience the love and acceptance that only I can give myself. This is my way of loving, accepting and appreciating god’s eternal life in me, as me and through me.

I love my life and I love the integrity of it. I celebrate this conscious awareness and I am truly grateful that it is my reality. I acknowledge that there is no part of met hat contradicts these statements. And, as my mind and heart are in alignment with the thoughts in this prayer, the spiritual laws that govern the universe harmonize my experience and actions to conform to what is true and real.

All is well. Forever and ever. Amen.

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  1. I highly recommend "Interactive bhagavad-gita as it is" cd. Put it on and do your work out. To do our work without attachment, to be in service to krishna (god) in all duties without regard to fruits of our labours, to be at peace in the face of all circumstances--this can be attained through knowing and practice and reading prayers like this one. Thank you for a great way to start my day. Love.


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