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“I feel an indescribable ecstasy and delirium in melting, as it were, into the system of beings, in identifying myself with the whole of nature”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Over time, kindness develops into affection. Over time, affection deepens to love. And when love is given selflessly or unguardedly, over time a deeper love reveals itself, a love that has no agenda for personal gain or control. When one first becomes aware that he or she is loving in that way it is as if a rush of joy floods in to remind us of our natural born capacity to care about each other. Logan Pearsall Smith wrote that it is “through the cracks in our brains that ecstasy creeps in.” To me that means ecstasy cannot be planned or pursued with rational thoughts, goals and intentions. It is the natural byproduct of innocent loving. The ecstasy that comes from loving people is wonderful. The ecstasy that comes from loving the Presence is something deeply personal that each person must discover and experience for themselves.


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