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Part of healing work is the courage to look at the world
And discover what it really is when I drop my definitions
"Is it flat or is it round?"
Is the world in the shape I am being told it is
Is the world in the shape I am telling myself it is
Is my body, my life in a shape that matches my language…

Another way of expressing it:
You have a belief system that describes how everything works and is.
This belief system causes you to do things in a certain way
To see things in a certain way
To interact with your world in a certain way.

Some people express it as
“Your belief system creates and attracts your experiences in life” –
it means the same thing.

And your belief system is a work in progress
Built every day by the things you tell yourself
Whether those things are true or not.
The bottom line is that if you believe they are true
They might as well be true.

How about when it comes to Finances
And what a time in the world to be talking about
A healthy relationship to finances
When everywhere a person looks
There is bad news
Frightening news
And whether or not the experts are correct
Is not my business in this moment
My business is – what are you and I telling ourselves....
When we hear what the experts say?

What is the atmosphere like inside your awareness.

What it means to be a practicing metaphysician (Religious Scientist)
In a world like ours is today.

Do you want to know what it says in the Science of Mind Text Book regarding this matter?
Page 161 – you can read it for yourself to verify

“One cannot be a good student of the Science of Mind, who is filled with fear and confusion…. She must keep herself in a state of equilibrium, in a state of spiritual understanding – and by spiritual understanding I don’t mean anything strange or unnatural, but merely that the belief in goodness bust be greater than any apparent manifestation of its opposite.”

Then he goes on to define a Religious Scientist:

“He has relieved his mind of the morbid idea that that will of God can be that of suffering.”

Now at this point I’m the first person to say
I’m probably going to be disqualified.
As soon as they take an inventory of how much fear and confusion I have.

However, what I think is even more accurate about most people…
We’re all probably doing better than we think

Here’s what I mean?
The key word is “Filled”
Nothing else there….No room for anything else…
Just fear poured on in…relentlessly and nada mas.

That would make it difficult for anyone to be a good student of anything.
Fortunately we’re capable of multi tasking
And when it seems like there is only fear going on
There usually many other things going on at the same time

We’re hoping, we’re trusting, we’re risking, we’re growing…..
At the same time as wear fearing…

It’s just the nature of fear that it likes CENTER STAGE
In fact it doesn’t want to share the stage with anything else.

It’s sensational
It grasps around for blame and explanation
Even when it is correct, and when it is being paid attention to…
It’s never enough….it wants more..

It’s not that you and I never feel fear,
or never encounter fearful thoughts or never think a fearful idea…
It’s just that to be a Religious Scientist
we try not to get married to that kind of thinking.
We try to remember that simultaneously
there is something else going on in us too.

The miracle of being human is you can be
fearful and faithfilled all at the same time.

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