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A “just-getting-by” church acts as a negative role model for its congregation. Poverty-conscious churches breed poverty-conscious congregations. Another “fund-raiser” or “increased-pledge drive” is only a temporary measure, a “band-aid” approach to financial solvency for the church. Also, it does not provide the church members with a valid personal reason for consistent giving, which should be to also benefit them individually.

Just as in ancient times, it would be wise for tithing to be a requirement for church membership. If so, the minister would be a tither. Every member of the Board Of Trustees would be a tither, thus qualifying them to handle more wisely church business. All other church leaders such as counselors, practitioners, Sunday school teachers and ushers would be tithers. And the church would tithe regularly from its overall income, giving a “heave offering” to the other churches or organizations with which it is connected, or through which it was being helped and inspired.

A church with such a giving consciousness would naturally attract a loving, giving congregation, because people unconsciously go where there is a consciousness of increase. Such churches are never problem-prone, but are places of peace, harmony and inspiration because spiritual teachings, rather than constant fundraising, are emphasized. This spiritual method of giving, developed in ancient times, still produces vast benefits for all who use it today, both individually and collectively.

-Catherine Ponder
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity


  1. I like this. Hope that I can be a benefit to this church.

  2. "What would you say if I told you that you single-handedly have the power to end poverty on this planet? Well... you do. One commonly known axiom of love says, "It is in giving that we receive." Many have come to understand this universal truth through the Law of Karma: "As you sow, so shall you reap tenfold."
    What is not known is that, because humanity lives in a consciousness of separation, most universal truths have been both taught and understood either as half-truths or as distorted truths. As applied here, what has for so long been understood as the primary Law of Creation: As you sow, so do you reap tenfold is actually only half of the Law of Creation.
    The second half of the Law of Creation states: "As you reap, so do you return to Source one-tenth." This part is called the Law of Tithing, a law that few understand and even fewer practice in the manner which God ordained.."
    ~Bhagavan Sri Pranananda

    For me to the feel fully abundance of the Source, I must allow the flow by giving from a place of love and trust, with the knowledge Source is infinite. There is really no scarcity or lack it such is only in my perception. I do struggle with this truth constantly, If I hoard and am miserly and feel I will never have enough, it seems Creation hears mine own belief providing the very thing I am clinging to so tightly, the falsity of scarcity. I cannot be coming from a place of selfishness or fear. But in spreading my abundance freely (not foolishly) miracles, wonder and abundance flow back like a never ending river. Miracles an blessings abound effortlessly. This is a state of grace I endeavor to be in...sometimes not successful but always in the quest to be so. I do not understanding fully the law of tithing...is it a mathematical amount or just instead a way of giving selflessly? The 10% amount comes up in so many different writings and traditions, so this must be of paramount importance. The imagination that by starting with just myself giving in such a way the ripples could extend outward to effect the entire world is wondrous to me...for who can I truly change but habits, patterns, perceptions and mine own heart center?

  3. I like Something to Ponder. I think it can serve as a thermometer of sorts for where I am in my prosperity consciousness (which changes moment by moment).
    Thanks for sharing. I agree with the concepts she shares and it would be exciting to watch this happen and see the changes in everyone's lives.


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