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User Manual

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James Lileks wrote a brilliant and humorous article about Owners' Manuals that lists six rules about reading them:

1. If the product needs a manual longer than one page, the designer failed.
2. No one reads manuals.
3. Every problem can be solved by turning the unit off, then turning it back on.
4. If rule No. 3 does not work, nothing in the manual can help you.
5. Things that need a manual never have one.
6. The Spanish half of the manual offers different and more helpful tips.

Rule number 5 is my favorite and reminds me of the obvious omission of a user manual for living life - or is rule number 1 an indication that life really is perfect in design - or maybe life, like the directions say in some childrens toys, "requires competent adult supervision."

Washing my hands in a restroom in Burbank I noticed a warning label on the soap dispenser, but years of drips from the dispenser had washed away the urgent information about whatever danger hand washers might encounter. The bright red "WARNING" put me instantly on alert for something I would never encounter - it's been 15 years, perhaps it is safe to wash my hands again.

Don't eat the silicone bags! Don't put your hand in the toaster. Don't do the obviously ridiculous thing --seem like an instructions that don't need stating. But maybe we do need to be reminded to not engage in the obviously ridiculous. I do -- take the madness of the group mind right now and its frenzy of fear - it's shouting out warnings with no other instruction than "BEWARE" and although life has no manual and shouldn't need one, I recently needed a reminder not to use my mind for purposes it was not intended for: don't dabble with creating fearful futures.

I would have appreciated someone to tell me in my youth that I could take a stand outside of the group mind and what it is thinking. Someone told me when I was an adult, and It was a turning point in my life to become aware that my mind can be used a sanctuary or as an extent ion of the wildly turbulent group mind. A user manual for my mind would have been helpful "every problem can be solved by turning the unit off, and then turning it back on," or "don't believe everything you find in there," or "your mind is made-up so make it up with care, being judicious about how much of the low level noise of fear you allow to influence your usage."

I am on my way to Kansas City for a 3 day joint retreat with folk from Santa Rosa and Kansas City. I plan to post pictures and updates on my blog along the way and I hope you will stop by from time to time to see what we are up to:


Until then, wash your hands, don't drink anything that has ingredients consisting of 12 syllables, keep your hands out of places they shouldn't be and don't fall off of high places. Most importantly, consider the amazing power your mind has to construct best case scenarios and how it can inspire you to talk about hope, possibility, gratitude and courage.

Warm Regards,

Edward Viljoen
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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Ps. Has your ability to spell deteriorated as a result of on the fly spell checkers?

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