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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Queen Kunti's Prayer [adapted]

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Oh Krishna
As the river Ganges forever flows to the sea
Let my mind, my being
Be constantly drawn to thee
Oh most gentle
Oh original personality
Master of the senses
Seated in the hearts of all that be
Existing both within and without
Seeing all
But seen by none
Unto you i offer all my respects
Oh Krishna
Oh soul of the universe
Beyond the ranger of our perception
Covered by the curtain of misconception
We are bewildered by your movements
Though you work you are inactive
Thought you take birth you are unborn
And though you descend among people and animals and all beings
You are the transcendental reality
And although you are unknown above all that be
You reveal yourself to the surrendered souls who worship you in their hearts
Unto you i offer all my respects
Oh Krishna, Oh eternal master, friend
Oh my lord I offer all to you
Oh lord whose glace is as cool as a lotus
Who protects us
You befriend us and stay with us and guide us through all
I offer myself and whatever I have unto you
My lord your love kindness and mercy often come clothed in strange guises
Enveloped in a shroud of tribulation
Yet our journey through life is made easy through these hardships you provide
Let the calamities come again and again
That we may remember you and meet with you again and again
For those who always see you in all things certainly find shelter at your feet
My lord you can be easily approached
But only by those who are unimpressed with opulence
Unimpressed with fame and wealth
Status and studies and sensual pleasure
Only those who are finished with idle talk
Finished with mundane beauty
Finished with all forms of religiosity
My Lord I am not afraid to be abandoned by luck and good fortune
By friends and relatives
I am not afraid to be handled roughly
I m not afraid to wonder the streets homeless
To be cast away
Oh most gentle, most holy, most merciful
Help me
Prepare me
Do whatever is necessary to render fit
This soul of mine for entrance into your eternal abode.

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