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News From Osaka

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From Larry Schmier

Hi All,

We made it, four movies and no Wednesday, and all but six of us are here.
They say we're the lucky ones, something about good luck getting in the day
before the typhoon.

Everyone was up early today, hunger after 24 hours up and about twelve hours
of sleep. It's a good, quick, way to adjust. Breakfast was a buffet, way to
many choices but some said the octopus balls were great. I loved the steamed
rice and baked beans.

We're off to platform #2, fourth stop; It's the Osaka Castle, who'd a
thought they had knights here. It is different. A hard side and a soft side
to the pillows, I assume the mattress only has a hard side, as the room is
to small to turn it over. The toilet has a handle, full of buttons. Nothing
like the one in the hand out. I didn't touch a single thing, until I was up
and away. To avoid a shower, One should be sitting on it when you push the
wash button AND NEVER us the high pressure setting.

Afternoon Update.

So far, so good. We're looking forward to seeing the typhoon.

Afternoon update, no typhoon, beautiful day. The castle is something else,
no knights (little guys in scary masks). The train was an adventure,
everyone is napping after the foot massages.

Love Larry, and all that travel with us.

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