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From Steve Palmer

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Good Morning! This Video was sent to me by Stephen E. PalmerProfessor of Psychology & Cognitive ScienceUniversity of California, Berkeley. I would be interested to know what you think about the Senator's speech. Regards, Edward Viljoen



  1. In regards to Obana's speech--the idealist, and the spiritualist in me were experiencing heaven jumping up and down cheering with the thousands in the crowd to the words of unity, hope, and all that's right about being a human being in America. (It's not about me," he said, "It's about you.") I asked my 27 yo daughter what she thought about Obama and she, working as an accountant, expressed concern that if he were to implement his promises in regards to tax cuts, etc. inflation would go off the charts and the dollar would continue to be in trouble.

    I say, let's go for the dream!! Let's go for unity even though change is not something Americans are comfortable with when it requires "tightening the belt", getting out of our cars, or sacrificing material comforts for the benefit of all.

    I want to see Obama at least get there (the white house) and give his enthusiasm and convictions, which are mine as well, a chance. Will the corporate machine allow this to occur? Will we allow this to occur? Are we, as a country, ready for Obama? Whatever happens it is a great stage, and a great drama to be a witness and participant in, isn't it?

    Thanks for asking and thank you so much for the gift of Joni's music!! You are hitting on my roots in folk music. I could have "a case" of what you bring! yum!

    May we all bask in God's love with every breath we breathe. May the changes we seek within our hearts unfold in grace through the next leader of our country as Barack Obama.

    Sanna Rose, RScP

  2. I was looking at the faces of the crowd, as he was saying,"Wake Up America", they all looked so happy. It is too bad that so many of us are asleep. It is too bad that we have waited so long to get involved. Do we have to blame and pit one side against the other? Can we not learn from our mistakes, educate without blame, the beginners mind is often very creative and alive with fresh ideas. I hope we all listen for what is important to us, for everyone. Thanks.

  3. Audacity: boldness or daring, especially with confidence.
    Hope: belief in a positive outcome related to one's life.

    My great grandfather Zane wrote in one of his letters to my great grandmother Dolly:
    "A man can only strive toward and hold the hope and belief in something great evermore about to happen and thereby be so..."

    I have always held these words close to my heart...along with my high school senior quote:
    "Leap, and the net will appear.
    ~ John Burroughs

    So I will be audacious and believe in this hope,
    and dream the net is appearing now and in every moment...


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