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Be Persistent

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From - How to Change Your Life” by Ernest Holmes.

Even if this process does not seem to mean much the first day or so, keep at it. It involves changing your whole way of life and it requires reeducating your body, your emotions, your intellect and your spiritual outlook. Be fair to yourself. Keep on doing it!

Plant deeply in your mind these four basic ideas:

1. You are completely surrounded by and are part of Universal Mind. Mind penetrates your very being; It is what you are.

2. This Mind is always creative, manifesting what you think and believe, as form or as some experience.

3. Universal Mind answers to your mind. Mind creates for you according to the pattern you make for It by your thoughts of good or not-so-good. Your task, therefore, is to maintain only positive, uplifting, harmonious thoughts.

4. Because of this, you can choose to remain in good health, or to be healed if you are now ill. In the same manner, you may choose and bring into your experience any other good condition.

To declare yourself into good health is one of the greatest blessings you could ever enjoy. The simple explanations given here are intended to start you on the way to such declarations, because you can now begin to understand what is needed to bring about healing.

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  1. I wish that you would play Matt's video at church: http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/videos.shtml
    further proving that the world is a blessed place...
    Catherine, the redhead blogger


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