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Love Bug

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St. Francis of Assis’s famous prayer has inspired me
and countless others
With its lines = “It is in giving that we receive…
It is in loving that we are loved…”

Is a beautiful and TRUE that
When we give our attention
Our hearts
Our time
Just the act alone of giving is such a blessing.

(Especially if we’re conscious enough to give without control
To love without expecting anything other than the joy of loving)

And still - it’s only HALF..
It’s In the “receiving” portion that we finish off the equation
That makes up our divine nature…which is Wholeness

A large part of your gig as a being is (in my opinion)…
- to RECEIVE LOVE…not demand it… receive it
- like letting the beauty of nature be lavished upon you
- to experience that as being cherished…

Now that’s tough enough for some of us in human relationships.
Difficult for some of us to even receive a compliment.
So this assignment from this week is going to be
Is to practice with Life rather than with people.

You are to start thinking of yourself as
“the beloved of God.”

Beloved of God
And if you are not comfortable with the term God
Think of it as being the Sweetheart of the Universe

Either way Imagine that…

If it were really so….you, the love-bug of creation…

Why, you’d be sitting pretty.

And with that kind of love coming your way…

You’d give no thought to the love from ordinary sources..
... because when you’ve had the best,
…there is no substitute or comparison.

So the idea is to relax into life – and feel it!

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  1. I agree whole heartedly. Today I was at a workshop, I arrived early. The first thing I did was begin to write that prayer on the top of my paper.

    I have been reading and writing with your book at least 6 out of 7 days since January First. My life has changed. I have been able to recognize, love, and walk with my fears. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.


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