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How to Treat (Pray) about Relationship

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God is Love. God is the Self-givingness of Creation to Itself through Itself. God is complete acceptance. God is completely available to Itself - It can know no other. It's embrace is infinite and neverending. It is 'Home'.

I am at home in the heart of God. I am at peace in the all sufficiency of God.

Lacking nothing and needing nothing, I feel the safety and freedom to embrace relationship in the form of mutual love and mutual attraction. I trust the love that God is...to appropriately fill in all other details. I abandon attachment to controlling anything that has anything to do with my experience of loving, mutual relationship. I declare my willingness to enter into mutual love, mutual attraction. I abandon any belief in hard work to accomplish love. I abandon any belief in required changes or improvements to allow love to flourish and I remember the creative flow of Gods unrestricted Self-givingness to Itself through itself (in this case to me and through me). I am invoking in my mind as best as I am able the idea of mutual love and mutual attraction - while at the same time I remember to remain open to a larger experience beyond anything I have ever known. Mutual love and mutual attraction I see as the effortless foundation of trust and respect; joy and collaboration without losing self, without impinging on anyone's freedom, without attempt to control or diminish, without any requirementd because everything is filled in through the formula 'mutual love and mutual attraction'.

I affirm this feeling of completeness in God again and I say YES to my life just as it is right now - for surely if it is God made it is good for me. I say YES to my openness to love - for surely if it is God made it is good for me.

This feeling of openness and completeness at the same time let's me rest in peace, neither reaching for an outcome nor searching out signs of progress for I am alive and well in the all-sufficiency of God's embrace - all is well. My being vibrates with appreciation for this moment of realization. My appreciation deepens as I remember the way Creation unfolds ... Without my control. So I soften and relax to further enjoy being. Peace peace peace.

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  1. Edward,

    Thank you so much for this. Your last two weeks' worth of posts have been so relevant to me that it's a little uncanny. I appreciate the supporting words, but you can stop reading my mind now. Just call me to talk if you want to know what's going on!
    Love you!

  2. Yes, this is indeed how it works. Pretty wonderful huh?

  3. This is just lovely. Thank you Edward!

  4. Rev. Edward,

    Thank you so much for your loving and caring message. We miss seeing you but not anymore. We found you on YouTube!!! We've not seen you since we moved away from Santa Rosa. We'll try to make time to go see you soon.


    The colvins

  5. Yes! And now you are living it. So special. So dear. So enhancing. Blessings abound!


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