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Speak few words, but say them with quietude and sincerity, and they will be long lasting, for a raging wind cannot blow all morning, nor a sudden rainstorm last throughout the day.

Tao Te Ching

This quote from the Dao reminds me of the passage from Saint Francis’ prayer, “Let me not so much seek to be understood as to understand.” I see it also as a reminder to be still and observe life around me with a mind to understand its abundance.

Sometimes I get caught up in talking about what is missing and what is wrong with life, and I forget to pause and remember the power of my interaction with life. I try to gently redirect my thought and word towards a vision of a prosperous living. Sometimes that means I have to be a little less talkative, in my head and with my words.


  1. Edward, Thank you so much for writing this blog daily. I read it and it makes me pause on the spiritual perspective I could use in my encounters that day. That is a gift that keeps on giving - to me and all around me. Blessings to you for your commitment to writing each entry thoughtfully.
    Always a fan, Sherrie Corbett

  2. Edward,

    I too want to thank you for your blog. Having grown up in the church, I am so thankful for this way to have a direct link back to you and the community of CSLSR, since I don't make it back up to SR often. Fortunately, God is infinite and connects us all together in love, so I'm really not far away at all.

    Together in quietness,
    Robby Metcalf


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