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Excluded by a Gospel of Inclusion

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(Dr. Kathy Hearn, Community Spiritual Leader)

This morning at the opening session Jennifer Mann gave the opening treatment - yay Santa Rosa! Last night after the evening presentation we experienced the musicians of the Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City who will be visiting Santa Rosa in April - oh my they are exquisite inside and out!

Just before their music we had heard the once popular fundamental main stream Christian preacher Bishop Carlton Pearson tell us about his fall from grace into a deeper grace when he started questioning whether God could condemn or not and 4700 members of his community left.

He told us about the experience of being shut out of community, family, assets, intellectual property largely because he had the nerve to question what he had been taught, learned, preached, and believed.

I think Buddha said something like "don't believe something because a teacher said it, or because it is a tradition, or..." Something like that.

We're right now listening to the recitation of our beloved Declaration of Principles. I wonder if we'll be able to have the nerve of the Bishop and question what we have heard, believed, and taught, especially if it meant losing everything?

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  1. High Edward et al, Thanks for your postings keeping us abreast of the goings on...sort of. grin. I was captivated by your closing remark. Sounds like the questioning is a given in our future. I didn't hear the Bishop's talk but my thinking starts gravitating to what it means to "have" and when one "loses everything" what does this mean in terms of what one had in the first place. Provocative comment Dear One. Blessings to all... Sanna


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