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Yup, My Own Street!

My co-writer for the interactive journal, "Spirit is Calling," wrote the entry for today. One particular line is working me. "When you treat your things with respect....."

It used to be a mystery to me how some people do "tidy" naturally. I had to learn it when I was in the defense force. It didn't come naturally to me. But when I finally learned how to iron Tshirt, shorts and sheets -- and even my bed blankets while on the bed -- into a tense and fiercely straight-edged line, I discovered an unexpected pleasure. Especially when everything was put exactly in its right place, just so. It was as if extra time and space had been created out of nothing. And for years I carried on the practice of obsessively ironing Tshirts. I noticed another unexpected benefit, the T shirts lasted longer and looked better and were like putting on brand new Tshirts every time.

However, over time -- and I have two thousand excuses for why it isn't my fault -- I have slipped away from that practice. Oh, I'll iron a shirt or even a sheet now and then, to me it brings peace like comfort food brings solace to others. But I'm not nearly as careful as I used to be.

Now and then I get back to being mystified at how some people do "tidy" naturally, in their cars, in their kitchens, in their garages. But I am noticing that I really do know how to do "tidy" and I'm wondering why I don't always choose it. I tell myself I love the creative power of chaos, and other things like that. but it doesn't really explain why I'll empty my pockets onto a table in a way that is going to require additional tidying up late when I could just as easily empty my pockets tidily.

Today's entry goes on:

Never demand respect from others! Show respect for yourself---and you won’t have to fight or argue to get others to respect you. Give the very thing you want to receive in return. Respect others and they will show respect for you.How have you disrespected yourself? How have you disrespected others? How have you disrespected the planet? What can you do to correct the situation?

(Chris Michaels)

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