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They Are Coming!

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The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws. (Ernest Holmes)

They are coming. Probably packing bags right now... the bunch of Santa Rosans coming to South Africa.

I'm excited to see them. I'm going to be taking pics of them and posting them here (internet connection available at the game park hopefully, or at least on my fancy, new blackberry, if there is coverage... otherwise we'll catch up from Cape Town.)

I haven't been able to upload the vids I took in Johannesburg because of the extensive power-outages we're experiencing here. The demand on electricity has skyrocketed -- it is summer and now the population in the suburbs has increased since there is no more inter-suburb restrictions on travel like there used to be in Apartheid days. Now multiple families live in single family homes and everybody has got something to plug in. Illegal immigration from Zimbabwe and other neighboring countries is in the news and until it's figured out, the hopeful visitors are in the suburbs. Electricity was promised to all people when the change took place, and the promise was fulfilled - now electrical lines can be seen taking power even to shanty communities made of corrogated tin, wood and plastic.

Warnings scroll over the bottom of the TV screens during age-old American Soap Operas, warnings that say "turn off all non essential electronic equipment now, help prefent the outtage". Surely they can't mean the TV? My aunt assures me that watching the local Soap that is about to start, Isidingo, is mandatory.

So we turn absolutely everything off. Everything. We put my mothers insulin in cooler box with ice and turn on battery powered lamps and gather around the essential equipment, the TV to watch South Africa's multi language, subtitled, fast moving, intrigue filled Soap Opera. Who knew Dynasty, Dallas, Days of Our Lives would have a step child in Africa. And guess what! It's great! I haven't been so involved with other peoples lives in ages. I can barely wait till tomorrow to find out who done it. How do people manage without TV? I see my aunt's point.

We laugh deeply at the end of the episode because we both predict EXACTLY what will happen, and still we come back tomorrow. Of course. But first we will go back to Eastgate, one of the largest shopping centers I have ever encountered - we need a second day there, of course. The first one wasn't enough. My Mom and Aunt are thrilled to have a driver, porter and personal shopper.

I would rather be watching Isidingo. :)

At least the mall has their own power generator. and Lattes. And biltong. (Google it.) I am embarrassed by how much of it I've consumed.

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  1. jmannomann@yahoo.comJanuary 17, 2008 at 9:05 AM

    What book y readin', beach boy?


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