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“The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws.” Ernest Holmes

Try this: Google the word Prosperity and just look at the first page that pops up. Look at the Google topic-relevant ads lining the page. There’s even an article in Wikipedia stating New Thoughts position: “…teaches that God wants all people to prosper (regardless of religion), leaves it up to the individual to define prosperity (rather than defining it in terms of material wealth), and does not condone the accumulation of vast fortunes at the expense of others.

There are offers of coaching on how to attract it, how to learn it, how to teach it to others, the secrets of it, the secrets behind the secrets of it. I love Ernest Holmes quote above about finding our freedom through the intelligent use of natural forces. I am imagining that finding our prosperity is similar.

One such natural force to me is the power of our ability to think. And goodness, we need to be able to think clearly when wading through the current volume of ideas and methods that are guaranteed to bring us wealth. I am beginning to make a collection of points of view I have about prosperity as I read through much of what is available…points of view that I feel are superstition free and solid. I can never know for sure that my mind will stay made up the way it is to day, but as I gather these ideas, I start to become better evaluate ideas about prosperity and think for myself.

What is your definition of prosperity? And what ideas from prosperity teaching to you feel 100% in alignment with? And what ideas do you reject? And why?


  1. Hi Wondering-the-World-Edward. (Rev. Chris Michaels words. grin)Thank you for asking that prosperity question. I wanted to share one thought that has been dominant in my thinking of late in regards to prosperity. Freedom. That's it. If one is free to do, be, have, or for whatever is calling to move through can (the flow), this is prosperity. Yea!! And what a glorious video clip of mother and calf you have shared--thank you!

  2. I wrote a poem when I was very young and gave it to my parents one Christmas. Now that I think of it, it sums of my view of prosperity today;

    Our family is rich.
    Our family is very rich.
    Our family is rich with the most important thing of all.
    Our family is rich with LOVE.

    BTW, thanks for the blog Edward. I've been enjoying it.


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